Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.
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SARB AKAL literally translated means “Everywhere, timeless, immortal & non-temporal”. Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary was established in 2014. Our society is dedicated to promoting Classical  Music of India as well as to encourage interaction between Eastern and Western musicians and dancers. Sarb Akal has presented quite a number of performances of Classical Music from Northern (Hindustani) traditions of India. The performers included most of the stalwarts as well as many rising stars from abroad and our Calgary. Sarb Akal is humbly proud to be the one to start any kind of “Indian Classical Music Festival Calgary” in Alberta, Canada.

ICMF – A Galaxy of Music Stars

Yes, that’s what Indian Classical Music Festival (ICMF) has become now. Mesmerizing performances by world-known, top ranking vocalists and instrumentalists some of whom are stalwarts and living legends of Classical music have been instrumental to put ICMF Calgary and Sarb Akal on the world map of music. We at Sarb Akal are humbly proud of this recognition and pay our gratitude to all those artistes who have performed or will be performing in future in our ICMFs, the annual event started just in 2016 only.

ICMF is a platform to promote and preserve Indian Classical Music and for this very reason we give an opportunity to well deserving local artists to share the stage of these maestros of music to showcase their talent. These presentations by shining stars as well as up-and-coming artists provide an inspiration to many young students and music lovers to learn, practice and excel at classical music.

ICMF is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic event in which artistes from India, Pakistan, USA, UK and Canada have performed already and that includes our own Indigenous artistes as well. Indian Classical Music Festival which is held annually in mid September in Calgary was started as a 2-day festival and became a 3-day event in 2019. Now ICMF2023 is a 5-day event and will be held in two cities of Alberta: Edmonton and Calgary.

                                                                                       – Jasbir Chahal, Vice President

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