literally translated means “Everywhere, timeless, immortal & non-temporal”. Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary was established in 2014. Our society is dedicated to promoting Classical  Music of India as well as to encourage interaction between Eastern and Western musicians and dancers. Sarb Akal has presented quite a number of performances of Classical Music from Northern (Hindustani) traditions of India. The performers included most of the stalwarts as well as many rising stars from abroad and our Calgary. Sarb Akal is humbly proud to be the one to start any kind of “Indian Classical Music Festival Calgary” in Alberta, Canada.

Our Vision:

To keep the tradition and art of Indian Classical Music alive for generations to come.

Our Mission:

To engage our communities in constructive and artistic pursuits of life to make it even better. What We Do: Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary promotes local & international artists and upholds the integrity of Indian Classical Music in the world. The society works towards maintaining and enriching music traditions by organizing musical concerts in Calgary and tutoring students of all ages, cultural and social backgrounds to learn & practice art of the Classical Music at its affiliated school “Sarb Akal Music Academy ” or SAMA.

 Back Ground Sarb Akal

Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary (SAMS) This is the story of how Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary came in existence. Sarb Akal Music Society is a non-profit organization. The mission of SAMS is to keep the tradition and the art of Indian Classical Music alive for generations to come and engage our youth to strive for a constructive pursuit to promote and revive this art. Mr. Harjeet Singh, President of SAMS has been actively working towards forming the organization of Indian Classical Music since 2009. After much hard work society was officially registered as Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary in 2014. This journey started when Harjeet had developed his love for Tabla (Hand Drums) at a very young age. He lived in a small village called Barot in District Kaithal Haryana in Punjab, with his parents, brother and sister. He grew up in an average family where his father worked to provide for the family and mother stayed home looking after three children. At the early age Harjeet was forced to quit schooling, due to his mother’s illness. Being an oldest child he took care of his two younger siblings and his mother. Being at home every day he got an opportunity to learn Tabla from Pt. Radha Shyam a blind teacher. He would walk 3km to his teacher’s house and back every day carrying the heavy drums. Such dedication and hard worked has taught Harjeet to be patients in life to achieve his dreams. At the age of 16 Harjeet had an opportunity to attend one of the biggest event in Indian Classical Music in the world called Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan. This event first started in 1875 and was established by Swami Harivallabh who was a Hindustani Vocalist and saint. The event typically goes on for a 3 Day and on each day, it attracts ten thousand plus audience to get mesmerized by their beloved artists. It is considered a great honour and privilege to perform in the festival. Harjeet had heard a lot about this event but when he got to experience the event live something inside him changed. He not only loved this music but he embraced it in his life. In 1993 Harjeet lost his mother. By this time Harjeet was working for DSGPC (Sikh temple) as a Tabla player. Through his company, he got an opportunity to come to Canada in March 1997, also to play Tabla at Khalsa Diwan Society in Vancouver. From there he was invited to play Tabla for two weeks for kirtan (religious hymns) in Calgary by Sikh Society of Calgary. They immediately offered him a regular job of a Tabla player in the Sikh temple. In 2006 Harjeet become a Permanent Resident in Canada and in 2008 he called his wife and his two boys to accompany him in Calgary where he calls his home away from home. In his life journey Harjeet has made many music lovers his friends as specially in Calgary. He is always ready to play Tabla with various artist as an accompaniment at the concerts, social or religious event, fundraisers etc. As people started to know him and his talent they started asking him “why don’t you teach Tabla to our children.” Harjeet couldn’t be more happier, not only he gets to teach the young generation but he gets to promote this beautiful music he calls his life. He received a very good response and support from many families. They wanted their children to learn the rich culture and tradition of Indian Classical Music here in Calgary that has been evolved for thousands of years in India. Harjeet never asked for any fees in return for his teaching. He wanted to make this art available for students and parents at most convenient way to learn. In day time, he would work at the bottle depot and in the evenings, he would go to selective people’s house where students came to learn Tabla from him. This continued for few years. More he taught more he wanted to dedicate his time in promoting this music. He needed parents and families’ involvement in doing so. He knew few music loving families who supported his vision including myself. With their encouragement and support Harjeet started a private music school. A Tabla player with very little education never ever thought he would be coming to Canada in his life let alone pursuing his dream of promoting Indian Classical Music. This is what I love about Canada. Canadians have come far in embracing the diversity. One can not only dare to dream but can confidently pursuit in fulfilling their vision despite of their race, believes and ethnicity. Sarb Akal Music Society simply believes in building mentally healthier communities. By promoting this soulful music, we are engaging not only our youth but our adults and seniors. SAMS started the Sarb Akal Music Academy in 2015 where any age group can come to learn this art. Society now boasts a team of executives that has helped evolve SAMS’s mission into a successful and rewarding classical music journey….

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