About Us

Mission & Vision

To keep the tradition and art of Indian Classical music alive for generations to come.

To strive and keep our youth engaged in constructive pursuits to promote and revive the art of Indian Classical Music.

Who We Are

Academy of Indian Classical Music is specialized in Vocal and Instrumental music. We started the school in 2015 and provide lessons in:

  • Hindustani Vocal
  • Harmonium / Voice
  • Devotional Music
  • Tabla
  • Sitar

What We Do

Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary promotes local & international artists and upholds the integrity of Indian Classical Music in the world. The society works towards maintaining and enriching music traditions by organizing musical concerts in Calgary and tutoring students of all ages, cultural and social backgrounds to learn & practice art of the Classical Music at its affiliated school “Academy of Indian Classical Music” or AICM.

Executive Team Of SARB AKAL

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